Borough Market Ahoy


Richmond – Waterloo – London Bridge, return

We have family staying at the moment, so thought it might be interesting to try Borough Market. Since the lift to the Underground at Waterloo was re-opened last month, I thought it worth a change of route.

(Aside – It’s interesting that the lift between the Waterloo concourse and the Underground was out between Jan-July but is still grubby with the same chewing gum caked to the floor. Just what did ‘they’ do to it in six months?)

The first leg of the journey, the train from Richmond to Waterloo, was entirely uneventful (I will never get tired of saying that.) In the past I would have got to London Bridge on a Southern or FCC train, but that involves the hassle of assistance and ramps. The Underground is much less comfortable and more stressful but it is more frequent and level access so today we went subterranean for our trip. Of course ‘Mind the Gap’ has special significance when you have to wheel across it. A gap of 2 inches may seem small to you, but what if your wheels are only 3 or 4 inches (or less!) diameter as many front castors are? You can imagine that it doesn’t take much to get stuck. I’ve seen it happen and it’s scary, for everyone.

Fortunately today our biggest problem was getting our bearings when we finally saw sunlight at the other end. We found the market after only the briefest of wanders and set about exploring. I hesitate to call it a market, but it’s definitely a food spectacle and an attraction with a lovely pulled pork and pickle sandwich for lunch. There are also an inordinate number of chocolate stalls so I’m confident my calorific intake for the next few weeks is catered for. Sadly the whole market has the most uncomfortable mix of cobbles and uneven surfaces which really detracts from the pleasure.

The journey home on both the Underground and SouthWest trains legs was again, unworthy of any significant note.

It is nice when a plan comes together.

About Alan

I'm an Economist, Geek, Campaigner & wheelchair user who's been using all forms of public transport for 20+ years.
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