Ramp? Why bother

  • 27/11/14
  • Richmond – Waterloo – Taxi to Camden – Return

I know there are a lot of other wheelies like me use the trains but because we’re mobile but it’s actually quite rare for us to share a train. But not so today, in fact we boarded the train in convoy going up the ramp which made for a bit of a squeeze finding our seats but we coped and headed off into London.

The journey would have been unremarkable except for what I can only describe as a terrifying accident waiting to happen. When we arrived at Waterloo the platform assistant was ready with the ramp but wasn’t quite quick enough to get it in place before the other wheelchair user and their personal assistant reached the door, and proceeded to step out of the train backwards down the large gap and step, in the same way that mothers are advised to with buggies. How she managed to stay in the chair and not go over backwards, even with the PA’s assistance, remains a complete mystery to me and left my heart in my mouth.

With the partial success of the last Addison Lee journey I had again pre-booked a car to go to Camden. This journey proved enlightening as we had a long talk to the driver who explained that Addison’s fleet of over 2,000 cars now included 14 wheelchair vehicles. This isn’t a great ratio but is definitely an improvement on over two years ago. I think this decidedly improves the options for the foreseeable future for getting around Central London, easily, conveniently, and comfortably.

Why was I in Camden, I hear you ask? You can hear my dulcet tones on the Disability podcast discussing buses, pushchairs, and accessibility transport in general. You can find the podcast here once it gets posted.

About Alan

I'm an Economist, Geek, Campaigner & wheelchair user who's been using all forms of public transport for 20+ years.
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