Travelling Back in Time



There are many problems with public transport for disabled and elderly people in London, and I’m the first to highlight every issue, so it’s very easy to lose perspective. It takes a trip away to remind me how far things have come and how fortunate Londoners really are with the provision of transport services.

The City of Lincoln is a beautiful place with a Roman and Medieval past and all the associated fantastic architecture. Sadly it also feels like it has a Medieval transport service.

Lincoln is a major County town with a population around 130,000, so I thought the bus service would be suitably up to date, and although the information gathered from a web search was a bit vague, it did seem that services were accessible. Oh how wrong I was.

I had a simple requirement, to travel from the historic up hill tourist district on one of the major bus routes serving an estate of 10,000 people, a journey of about 10 minutes. The bus stop was encouraging. The pavement had been raised to ease boarding, and there was an electronic display listing the next arrivals and their due times. Sadly the bus when it arrived was from last century, 1996 to be specific, complete with steps. Last time I saw one of these it had a disabled protester chained to it.

Shanks’ pony rides again. Don’t get me started on the state of the pavements.

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I'm an Economist, Geek, Campaigner & wheelchair user who's been using all forms of public transport for 20+ years.
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