Saved by a Second Bus.


Richmond – Hammersmith – Chelsea

I think this is likely to be the shortest entry I’ve ever written. whilst this might be good for you, the reader, its brevity is not for your benefit. It’s short simply because there’s little to say. Of course that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to tell.

I set out to board the first bus, an archaic 419, and as happens too frequently the ramp wouldn’t fully deploy. After a few failed attempts by the driver, I noticed another bus pull up behind. Like the proverbial rodent on a boat with negative buoyancy issues I abandoned the first bus and got the ramp deployed on the second. This worked a treat and I slipped into the wheelchair space. As sometimes happens the driver asked me to turn around to face backwards, but I hate this and was not feeling very compliant. I told him I was happy and he, wisely I suspect, decided not to push the point.

When we got to Hammersmith I wasn’t paying enough attention so got off a stop too early. It didn’t really matter. The short walk to the station in the sun was very pleasant.

The only problem with the next bus was waiting nearly 20 minutes for a service that’s supposed to run every 6-7 minutes. I still have no idea what the delay was as Hammersmith is the origin/terminus. The bus wasn’t caught in traffic, but rather parked within sight of the stop for the entire wait.

So there it is. Short, sweet and to the point. It’s not that there wasn’t a problem, but somehow fortune shone down and it didn’t matter.

It’s about time I had a turn at Good Luck.


About Alan

I'm an Economist, Geek, Campaigner & wheelchair user who's been using all forms of public transport for 20+ years.
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