We’re all going to the Zoo tomorrow…. just.


Richmond – Camden Road – London Zoo – Return

No blog today. I’m simply going to publish the e-mail of complaint I’ve sent to TfL.


Good Morning,

Yesterday, 13/9/15, I tried to catch the 12:40 Overground service from Richmond. As a wheelchair user I arrived at 12:30 to give plenty of time for staff to organise a ramp.

I arrived at the station and immediately made my request to station staff. I went through the ticket gate and again made my request to the 3 SW Trains staff there, who promised to arrange assistance.

I made my way to the platform where my pass was checked by a further 3 staff, one Overground and two security, who were doing very little as obviously the flow of passengers on a Sunday at this time is quite light.

I waited at the appropriate door of the train for assistance.

At 12:39, when help hadn’t arrived, I spoke to XXXXXXXXX, the driver. He contacted control but was told to leave me and depart.

There were two SW Trains station staff on duty, but I understand both of them were dealing with separate customer issues elsewhere in the station.

I appreciate that staff have different roles, but I’ve certainly been assisted by security and ticket staff at other stations on the TfL network in the past.

Am I unreasonable to expect that with 10 minutes notice and nine staff involved, including the driver, that I should be able to board a service? This was certainly possible when guards were on these trains.

My day was capped off on my return trip when I attempted to catch a 274 service from Primrose Hill Stop H at about 17:30. The ramp failed to deploy, despite the driver making three attempts. Fortunately another service was close behind and I was able to catch it, reg KC62CWW. I’m afraid I didn’t get the registration of the bus with the failed ramp. Let me be clear that I’m not blaming the driver, unless he was the one who took the bus from the garage.

Failed ramps are really quite common. Is a record kept of the success/failure of the checks made when the bus leaves the depot? Can you confirm this bus passed? Will TfL consider implementing a policy of ramp checks at each driver change?

I look forward to your response on both issues.



About Alan

I'm an Economist, Geek, Campaigner & wheelchair user who's been using all forms of public transport for 20+ years.
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2 Responses to We’re all going to the Zoo tomorrow…. just.

  1. graham burton says:

    look forward to their reply back to you

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