Richmond – Westminster – Return

An unusually early start this morning, with a depressing result of missing assistance leading to yet another letter of complaint to TfL. Two in two days is … I’ll leave you to finish that sentence. The short, sweet complaint letter is below.

The return trip was, in contrast, a joy, after I’d negotiated the tortuous roundabout lift route in place while the main lift is undergoing six months of ‘scheduled maintenance‘. I arrived at the platform at almost exactly the same time as a shiny new S stock train arrived, bound for Richmond. I simply wheeled on, although the legendary gap between train and platform which we passengers are perpetually reminded to mind was huge.

33 minutes later I wheeled off at Richmond.

As I’ve said before that’s how it should be.


Good Evening,

This morning I caught the 7.59am District Line Service from Richmond heading to Westminster. The train was of the old stock type so, as a wheelchair user, I needed a ramp to board.

I was successfully put on the train by South West Trains staff. Disappointingly there was no one to meet me when the train reached Westminster. Had my PA not prevented the door from closing the train would have continued with me on board.

Eventually staff fetched a ramp for me. After I got off I checked with staff and they had not been informed of my arrival.

Can you tell me what happened, why turn-up-and-go failed and what action will be taken to prevent a recurrence?




About Alan

I'm an Economist, Geek, Campaigner & wheelchair user who's been using all forms of public transport for 20+ years.
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