Tick Tock


Richmond – Hammersmith – Return

A night out at Hammersmith Apollo means having to get there, and back. It’s simple enough on the tube, pretty much door to door, but not in a wheelchair as there’s no ramp on the District Line. Have I mentioned this before? Possibly.

The only (affordable) choice is the bus. I opt to go out on the route through Barnes that goes round the houses, but does at least avoid the Hogarth Roundabout.

The return trip was by the more direct route. There was  almost nothing in it in terms of time, which is useful to know for the future.

You know there’s nothing interesting to blog when I’m reduced to comparing the times of buses!



About Alan

I'm an Economist, Geek, Campaigner & wheelchair user who's been using all forms of public transport for 20+ years.
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