My one question to candidates.

The public backlash against plastic, supported by Government policy and legislation, has lead to the widespread withdrawal of position-able, plastic drinking straws, despite straws making up only 0.025% of pollution worldwide, less in the UK. There is no evidence to support Government statistics citing straws as a significant problem. (

Rigid alternatives made from paper, metal, wheat and other materials are not suitable, practical substitutes. Despite reassurance to the contrary plastic straws are not available through alternative channels such as chemists. Bars and restaurants are not making them available on demand. Disabled people are finding themselves unable to drink and eat in sufficient quantities to maintain their health, both out and about and increasingly in their own homes.

What steps will you take to address this emerging crisis, reverse the straw ban and educate the public about the effects of this harmful policy?

About Alan

I'm an Economist, Geek, Campaigner & wheelchair user who's been using all forms of public transport for 20+ years.
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1 Response to My one question to candidates.

  1. Pat Hamilton says:

    Hi Alan

    I am being prescribed Fortisip food supplement drinks, and each bottle comes with an attached disabled-friendly, curved plastic straw. So they are still being made, abroad, I think. I support your request that these straws should not be banned, and I think that I signed an online perition on this subject.

    I now need a powerchair, but cannot have a ramp to get in or out of my front door.
    Life’s just one problem after another!

    Best wishes


    Member of Transport for All.
    Doubt I will ever get to London again, alone.

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