Over 20+ years of travelling on public transport I’ve come to an unavoidable conclusion, Murphy’s Law applies to public transport and O’Toole’s commentary applies when a wheelchair is involved.

Don’t know what they say? Go and look them up. It’ll be worth your while. Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you.

Back? Good.

I used to write postcards after each messed up journey. The problem is I didn’t keep a record and they got lost.

This Blog exists to keep a historical record of my journeys. Anything else is a bonus.

You should  know I don’t write up blogs in chronological order. The best  bet, not to miss any of my wit or whining, is to sign up to e-mail notifications.

For more immediate pithy comments and shameless retweets you can find me on twitter as @Alanstweets. Come on over and say Hi.

2 Responses to About

  1. sebastian buckle says:


    A colleague just sent me the story ‘a little dose of reality’ and I wondered if you would be happy for me to share this in our internal comms channels? I think it’s really interesting.

    Internal Communications Manager

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